1. What time is it?
  2. What day is it?
  3. What does my day look like?
  4. Should I pee or check Facebook first?
  5. Why do I always pick Facebook?
  6. What’s happening on Twitter?
  7. How many followers do I have?
  8. How do I get more followers?
  9. What’s happening on Reddit?
  10. Why did it take me so long to pee?
  11. Should I shave after I brush my teeth?
  12. Am I exercising today?
  13. Do I have clean exercise clothes?
  14. What’s the weather like?
  15. If I’m going to exercise, what should I eat before I go?
  16. When should I buy new running shoes?
  17. How long will the weather stay warm?
  18. Am I feeling sluggish because it’s warm or because I’m getting out of shape?
  19. I have to shower, but do I have enough time to iron my clothes for work?
  20. How formally should I dress for work?
  21. What am I doing after work?
  22. How much time do I have left before I’m going to be late?
  23. Do I have time to make breakfast or should I buy it out?
  24. What are people going to say about what I’m wearing today?
  25. Am I leaving with enough time to get to work?
  26. Should I squeeze on this full train or wait for the next one?
  27. Should I take off my bookbag?
  28. Should I take the open seat?
  29. Should I listen to a podcast or audiobook?
  30. How many stops do I have left?
  31. Who on the train could I see myself with?
  32. Is that a shallow question?
  33. If the train was stuck in the tunnel and there was a nuke that took out everyone except us, who would I try and get with?
  34. What do these people think about me?
  35. Do I have enough time to get a nice breakfast or do I have to grab something and dash?
  36. Should I go healthy or indulge?
  37. How stressful is my day?
  38. If I get an indulgent breakfast, am I willing to get a salad for lunch?
  39. What should I eat for lunch?
  40. What will this day bring me?

Colleague: Good morning, Omar!

Me: Good morning! How are you?

Colleague: I’m good. How’s your morning going.

Me: Just fine. Yours?

Colleague: Very good, thanks.

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