At about 6:40pm EST, Alex Jones entered the TYT stage.

  • They were talking about a Ted Cruz story.
  • Alex went on the set without permission.
  • It was a friendly tone at first.
  • Alex asks Cenk questions about what they are doing there.
  • Alex then hands Cenk a t-shirt in the Shepard Fairey-style with Bill Clinton’s face that says “RAPE” instead of “CHANGE.”
  • Roger Stone starts yelling “Bill Clinton is a rapist” and Cenk tells him that Donald Trump was the one actually accused of rape.
  • The crowd around the set starts getting closer to the set.
  • Ana Kasparian comes in from stage right and yells at Ana to get off stage.
  • Alex called Ana a “Jihadi Jane” and that they support the Saudis.
  • Cenk stands up and says “That’s it. This is bullshit!”
  • Cenk takes off his microphone and gets in Alex’s face, yelling at him to get off his set.

The live feed cuts to black at 6:50pm.


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