The only thing more popular than Pokemon Go is people making snide comments about Pokemon Go.

I’ve been a fan of niche interests like mixed martial arts and chess for a long time, so I’m used to people saying “I don’t get it.”

But as I walk down the street hearing people criticize Pokemon Go, it reminds me of the joy people have in telling you how shitty they are at math. How they don’t know anything about technology. Their ignorance of the game is a signal of their refined predilections.

If you criticize Pokemon Go in my presence without presenting a substantive argument, I’m going to judge you. I may not say it aloud, but in my head I’m looking at you like Stanley from The Office. 


There are plenty of criticisms to make of the game and the people who play it. It says something about our society that you can mobilize hundreds of people to catch a Vaporion in Central Park but police brutality results in blank stares and empty streets.

Given that, if you say any phrase that celebrates your ignorance of Pokemon Go, expect my judgement. After all, I didn’t say anything when I got all those damned FarmVille invitations on Facebook. I ignored them and went about my business.


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