I just went on a two week trip to Greece with my wife. It was an amazing experience and went super smoothly. Here are some tips I’ve picked up over the years that made the trip smooth:

  1. I brought my Amazon Fire Stick and was able to watch the new season of Bloodline at every hotel we stayed at. It was easy to set up and made the long trip feel that much homier.
  2. I downloaded offline maps on Google Maps. It allowed me to find where I was going in every city with no problem. Even in airplane mode, it still found my location using GPS.
  3. I brought laundry pods and used them to easily hand wash my clothes in the bathtub. It not only saved money but made me feel more connected with my clothes.
  4. All of my electronics (phone, camera, etc) are dependent on being charged in order to work. I carry around a 12,000 mAh battery pack and it has saved my life endless times. Major key.
  5. For cuts and scrapes that are inevitable on trips like this, I carry around a first aid kit. 
  6. Since I turned 29 years old dairy has made me gassy. I travel with GasX because ice cream is delicious and I want my marriage to last.
  7. I was able to easily make a movie for my trip by using Google Photos. A weird detail is that you can only make movies on the phone app (not the website, tablet app, etc). I added my own music because the default music is pretty corny.
  8. I spent a shitload of money on these headphones, but they are worth it. They create a bubble that makes plane travel much more comfortable.
  9. Maybe it’s obvious, but the Kindle Paperwhite is a travel must. I saw way too many people walking around with big ass books. By the way, I’d pay twice as much for a waterproof Kindle. Get it together, Amazon.
  10. The TripAdvisor app was key for finding things to do, restaurants, etc. You can also download city data for offline use, which was clutch.

These are some of my favorite bits for long trips, but I use a lot of these products every day.

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