I had a drink last night at Peter McManus Cafe, an Irish pub near work that is close enough to be convenient and unpretentious enough to invite a wide swath of folks out for drinks.

I met with a young woman who represents a leadership program I’m thinking about applying for called New Leaders Council. This is the fourth or fifth time that I’ve made the pitch for what I’m interested in doing.

Let’s look at some quick feedback she gave me:


1. I had energy.

2. This seems like a need.

3. I have a plan for making this happen (albeit a rough one)


1. I was too verbose.

2. My healthcare example was unclear and uncompelling. Considering using one in education.

3. I don’t have a business plan.

Overall, good feedback. While I have my gripes with business plans, it’s going to be worthwhile to have something I can send to people by January. A one-pager? A deck? I don’t know.

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